We offer education in highest paying career that is in demand!
Learn about a new profession - "International Property Realtor"
This is one of the highest paying jobs, which also allows you to work remotely and collaborate with developers and clients from all around the globe. We created this school for international property agents and already trained over 1,000 managers who are successfully working now from different parts of the world.
Join our team
Our goal is to create a network that would help any beginner to sell overseas property from any part of the world and over the phone or online.
Bring your clients, add your property listings to our database and get a commission.

Bring a referral
Get your referral registered in our database. Managers will get in touch with the client, offer the best possible program and property option. You will get paid a commission on sales.
Property listings
Anyone can get their property listed in our database under condition of legal ownership confirmation (an agency agreement and ownership title are required).

In case of any interest from a potential client, our manager will contact you and discuss further actions. VIP Realty Club gets an agency commission on sales.

Open a representative office in your area!

Open a representative office in your area
Our online agency of international real estate VIP Realty Club is growing fast. In that regard we open offline representative offices in all regions.

Collaboration with developers

We welcome developers and hope for mutually beneficial cooperation with us.
Сотрудничаем с застройщиками по всему миру
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